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Short Yellow RodBall and RodIn 1999, Plastwood Italia s.r.l. was the first company to launch, on a worldwide basis, a construction toy made of magnetic rods and steel balls. It was a revolutionary system that gave birth to the entire category of magnetic construction toys.

44-1In 2002, Plastwood patented a new system called Supermag. Supermag took magnetic construction toys to a new and improved level by including rods of two different sizes and using a completely new design for the rods that improved their performance and play value.

This innovation in rod design overcame a limitation with the previous rods that limited construction to creating equilateral triangles only Diagonaland precluded the construction of squares as a base. Another key improvement to the shape of the rods allowed the Supermag system to attach up to 24 rods to a single ball. Previously there had been a limit of 14 rods that could be connected to a single ball so this expansion in connectivity allowed for an explosion in creativity.Multi-PointThe Supermag system also allows for the use of diagonals, which are very important in building and enable the creation of very complex objects and forms. This is true for smaller projects, such as vehicles and animals, as well as large structures like buildings and monuments. The improvements in magnetic design that Supermag delivers have greatly expanded to possibilities for creative and imaginative building.

In 2010, following the changes of worldwide toy safety standards, Supermag’s rods became bigger or, as we call it, MAXI!
The concept of Supermag itself was not changed, the two sizes system has remained the same, it’s just the magnetic rods are now much bigger and thicker and prevent a child from accidentally swallowing them.

Diagonal Square

A major limitation of magnetic construction toys has always been the price, which is high because of the cost of the main raw material, neodymium magnets. At Plastwood we have always paid attention not only to the quality and safety of our products, but also to their play and fun value. Green and Silver BoxIn the last couple of years, we have looked for ways to overcome the price issue without decreasing the play-value of our products, while at the same time finding ways to improve them. In 2016, the company acquired a new patent, which brings the magnetic rods to life, by turning them into “bearers” of other components and parts. Now the Supermag rods and balls can be mixed with other parts of various shapes and colors, giving a child many more was to build and play in new, alternative ways.

Children will now be able to create his/her own unique world, made up of houses, castles, aircraft, vehicles, animals and figures of various shapes, both geometric and non-geometric. In short, the goal of the Supermag Toys team is to enable pure creativity and ultimate fun!