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Supermag Tags Primary Colors 35 Pieces Set

Pictures And Projects For This Product (Some projects may require more pieces than are supplied in this package)


The Supermag Tags Primary Colors 35 Pieces Magnetic Construction Set is an innovative toy for children of 3 years and up manufactured in Italy.

With the Tags Line, children can experience new and endless building possibilities: surfaces and volumes take shape thanks to two different but completely integrated assembling systems.
On one side the magnetic attraction and on the other a mechanical coupling. The rod takes in fact a different shape when combined with the tags elements through a plastic ring. In this way, even a single rod becomes a shape by being simply combined with one or more tags, with no need of further supports.

This set contains 35 pieces in a single primary color and metal spheres. The magnetic rods come in two different sizes for higher precision and greater play-value. The constructions projects that can be made are very stable and solid, yet very easy to take apart and rebuild, guaranteeing hours of creative play.

The Supermag Tags Primary Colors 35 Pieces Set can be purchased at the following retailers: