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The Supermag Maxi Wheels 44 Piece Set

Pictures And Projects For This Product (Some projects may require more pieces than are supplied in this package)


The Supermag Maxi Wheels 44 Piece Set is a magnetic construction toy for children of 3 years and up manufactured in Italy.

With its new larger rods, children can experience the flexibility and simplicity of magnetic building in total safety. Its magnetic components are easy to assemble, allowing children to use their imaginations in creating strong and solid objects and structures of any size, whether they are simple or complex. Best of all, Supermag Maxi is easy to take apart and rebuild, providing hours of pure entertainment and fun!

Supermag Maxi rods are unique because they come into 2 different lengths, which greatly increases the possibilities for construction and play. The key difference between Supermag and other magnetic construction toys is that Supermag Maxi lets you create diagonal supports, which cannot be made with most of the magnetic construction toys on the market. Also, thanks to the special shape of the rod’s edges, up to 24 rods can be attached to a single sphere, allowing for an almost unlimited range of possible of angles. And more angles mean more ways to build!

The Supermag Maxi Wheels line combines all of the great magnetic features of the Supermag line with wheels that add movement to the fun. By using the screw-in rods, pierced spheres and rubber wheels that come with the Supermag Maxi Wheels sets, children can build a solid base for the vehicles, and then they can build on top of it using the magnetic rods.

Cars or other moving objects are very easy to build. Each box comes with an instruction booklet and examples to follow on the back of the box. Both plastic and magnetic rods come in assorted mixed colors.

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