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The Supermag line of magnetic bars and spheres is made exclusively by the Italian company Plastwood Italia s.r.l.

The story of Supermag Toys goes back to August of 1998 when Edoardo Tusacciu first brought this innovative product line to market.

Edoardo is the scion of a family that for hundreds of years had produced cork from the cork oak trees that are found in the beautiful hills of his native island of Sardinia.

As cork declined as a commodity towards the end of the 20th century, Edoardo’s natural design skills and artistic talents lead him to consider new directions for his family’s business. Supermag was the natural outcome of Edoardo’s search for a product that was worthy of his creative energy.

Magnetism has fascinated humanity for thousands of years and captivated the imaginations of civilizations as diverse as ancient Greece, China and India but it wasn’t until relatively recently that scientists fully came to understand the power of this elemental force. Edoardo was among the first to recognize the incredible potential that magnets could have in toys and creative play.

Supermag’s magnetic bars and spheres connect in ways that allow for the construction of projects of almost unlimited imagination. Supermag products also allow creative minds of all ages to see the almost magical power of magnetism in action right in their homes or classrooms.

Today, Supermag Toys is a leader in the construction toy category and is a company that is always pushing the development of new and innovative products.

The products are made on site in their factory in Sardinia from the finest materials and using the latest equipment and are produced to exacting standards.

We hope you come to love Supermag as much as the whole Plastwood Italia family does.