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Our Timeline

In 1999, Plastwood was the first company to launch worldwide a construction toy made of magnetic rods and steel balls: a revolutionary system that gave birth to the segment of magnetic construction toys.


In 2002, Plastwood patented a new system, called Supermag, a magnetic construction toy with great innovation: a completely new design for the rod and two different sizes. Compared with the previous version the new Supermag offered two advantages:

  • It became possible to use the square with diagonals as a construction base instead of being restraint only to the triangle.
  • The new shape allows to attach up to 24 rods to a single ball, whereas with the previous version only 14 could be fitted.

In 2005, Screw-in rods and threaded balls have been integrated into the Supermag magnetic system. In this way Supermag became extremely flexible, allowing the construction of more complex and even smaller, but highly detailed, forms and objects.


In 2010, a significant change was made: the dimensions of Supermag’s rods were enlarged: they became bigger and thicker eliminating any potential hazard of swallowing, to the benefit of children’s safety.

In 2016 a patented avant-garde invention enriched the Supermag system with some new components called Tags. Tags are two-sided, colored components which, after being assembled, can be attached to the magnetic rod using an element called ring. A single rod can hold multiple tags together, giving place to many new construction possibilities.


In 2019 more elements have joined the Supermag family: bases and circles. This new patented system makes it extremely easy to build bigger and stronger structures enhancing even more Supermag’s flexibility.