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Supermag Kliky Gears

The Kliky Gears Magnetic Set is a new and exciting magnetic construction toy designed and developed by Plastwood for younger children.

Kliky is not an ordinary construction toy. It’s more of a “play and learn” system that helps children develop new capabilities while they play.

Designed for children 1-5 years of age, the Kliky Gears Magnetic Set comes with colorful mechanical gears which are sure to delight young builders.

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With its intuitive design, Kliky helps children to improve their skills so that they can create increasingly complex projects over time.

Square plates and tube-shaped metal connectors are the basic building blocks of the Kliky system. Younger children can explore their new Kliky toys by playing with the pieces and connecting them in random ways. As they evolve their understanding of the way that Kliky works they will start to understand the concepts involved in three-dimensional construction, which will allow them to build increasingly complex projects.

Once the basics of the Kliky system have been mastered, your child can add the additional elements from each set, including colorful picture plates, gears, and puzzle elements.

Kliky is an amazing toy that brings children into a new world of fun, exploration and discovery, and makes learning new concepts fun!

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Dimensions40 × 7 × 29 cm